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VRML Model of Bat'leth

To navigate hold the left mouse down.
Right click to get the menu. 

Phizzer rifle VRML model
My Contribution to Sev
My Contribution to Sev

This model came from Andew Simpson, the modeller and animator on the §ev Trek movie Pus in Boots. He and John had created some very short movies to show off some of the models, but I felt that doing a RealiMation version would be much better. For a file of about the same size (if not smaller than) the movie there would be a much clearer image and the viewer could interact with it.

The biggest problem I had was that the system Andrew used for animation treated all faces as double sided, so it didn't care which way the face normal pointed. That coupled with the fact that the only file format we had in common was DXF meant that after I'd imported the model I had to make all the faces point outwards. A long and laborious task. If I'd being doing this a couple of years later I would have had the option of doubling up the faces on creation and then using an optimisation tool to remove one set automatically. C'est la vie!

I would have liked to do more models - particularly of the sets such as the bridge, but interest fizzled out. Maybe one day I'll ask Andrew again.