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§ev Trek


9th January 2007

This is my contribution to §ev Trek.

The table below shows the interactive 3D models I have converted from other people's actual models into VRML format. To view the models you will need to install a VRML browser plugin (see below for two viewers - take your pick). Once it has been installed you will be able to view and interact with the models.

These were originally RealiMation models, but because the company doesn't exist any more and the plugin's not available, I've converted them to VRML so that more people can see them.

The Enterforaprize
A Phizzer Rifle
A Bat'leth
Phizzer Rifle
Model created by Johan Draaisma (NovaFlash) Model created by Andrew Simpson Model created by Andrew Simpson

Cortona3D ViewerCortona3D Viewer (Version 5.1 or above) - by ParallelGraphics.

19th December 2008

I've updated the link to the Cortona3D viewer so you can get hold of the latest version. I also removed the link to Blaxxun's viewer.


(mailto: sev-models at forman dot free-online dot co dot uk)